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Our site is a child of the highly successful Last Minute Villas that lists homes throughout Florida. This site has all the same features as Last Minute Villas, but is targeted directly at the Orlando-Kissimmee and Disneyland area. We are obviously biased so see what our owners listed on Last Minute Villas have to say!! In response to some of our owners complaining that we are sending out too many enquiries!



Over 50% of my bookings so far have been generated as a result of your leads. Anyone saying they are getting too many emails is a lunatic. The current system of sending enquiries works well and if people are complaining of too many then we don't know what they are complaning about. Can we have too many? We have placed enquiries where they have asked for 2 or 3 bed villas and they have enjoyed the extra space, so please do not alter that facility. Your site is where I get most of my bookings from,so I am really happy with it. I wish to heap praise upon you for the Last Minute Villas website. Prior to joining I was struggling to fill my Villa with Guests. I now have only a couple of weeks left this year and already have bookings into 2005/2006 – all through your site. I would not wish you to Change the format – the more enquires the better as far as I am concerned Don't mind the people that say too many enquiries - I say the more the better - there are always people that are NEVER happy.If it is such a big problem for them they can simply suspend their listing with you - problem solved. We all know it is a numbers game - so very well done to you and keep them coming. Just to say we are more than happy with your service so far. Sounds like advertising bull but we got an enquiry the very first night, literally within 2 hours and they confirmed the very next day. If any of the owners think you are sending out too many emails please forward their bookings to me. I'll gladly take their business. I have referred your site to several people due to the satisfaction I have with you. Keep up the good work. Too many enquiries? How about too few, would that make them happier? Perhaps the way to satisfy them is become like all the other sites I've signed to, and don't send them anything. That would make me happy because I would get more bookings. I signed with you earlier this year and have received 20 weeks of bookings from your site. The total from the other 18 sites I am signed to? 6 nights. I can't believe anybody would be complaining about the volume of enquiries we are having - do they not want to rent their villas. I think the site and the services you are offering are brilliant and you should be very proud of putting this together. I can't believe people are moaning about the amount of enquiries, you have done so much of late to filter them and as you said it is a business.If anything they should be praising the fact and thanking you for all the hard work involved to get that many enquires for us as owners. You just can't win ha ! First I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work in making Last Minute Villas so successful. The first couple of years I only got a couple of bookings each year, but appreciated how hard you were trying to improve the site and now it has paid off. Please do not change the way you send out your enquiries. I have no problem with it at all. I have to delete quite a few as I already have bookings, but that is so easy to do, why should anyone complain! If they do not like it tell them to go on another site! I will defiantly be re- advertising with you when our renewal comes up at the end of August. I had to read this newsletter twice to make sure I had it right, owners complaining they have too many enquiries, keep them coming the more the merrier. I think you are doing an excellent job.

The total cost for our service is ONLY $295 per year.

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