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Hello and welcome.

The facilities we have on this site are incredibly advanced and hopefully easy to use. the inbox system is a method for you to be able to answer enquiries by logging in to the site so no matter where you are in the world ,just by accessing the internet you can send replies.more details of how to set that up are here Click here to view

We have a free calendar that is seperate to the site,it contains no links to vacation rental sites or anything to do with villas,this can be used on your own web site or on ours,we do not allow the calendar any longer because they recently introduced links to managemnet companies,travel sites etc. which sends our customers to other vacation rentals,Click here to view the free calendar site

We will be strict on links the annual listing fee is $295 we will check all applications and web sites for links and if links are found unfortunately we will reject the application. You also have a calendar as part of Orlando Villa Owners which is the main thing that determines your positions on the site in each bedroom section ,if you use the calendar and have availability in the very near future you will be at the top of the page ,it also determines whether you are listed in the "homes available now" section so its fairly important that you keep calendars up to date. When you are logged in You will also see a date manager,this is for you to keep important dates that are relevant to you and also an inventory this is for you to keep an up to date list of everything that is in your home,these are optional and can only ever be viewed by you ,and then only when you are logged in. We also offer a merchant service which enables your guests to pay for rentals on line ,Details are here.

Finally there are more ways you can help your own listing and in turn the site itself by adding articles ,if you log in you will see an icon called add article,this enables you to write about different things to do with Florida etc. please do not make it another advert for your home but something that guests and search engines would be interested in you can by all means link at the bottom of it to your home and add some images but it needs to be relevant please.